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ReviewsBird proudly operate this website to act as a portal for reviews of products and services. It is our intention that we will provide a valuable resource on the web for reviews of products and services for both local and global consumers. We do this because we recognize the need in today's marketplace for a non-partisan and trustworthy library of resources that can be accessed and added to by all. In creating this resource, we commit to creating to hosting a website that is free and fair to all who use it. Further to this, we commit to ensuring that our website remains free of bias, or any form of abuse. We also commit to ensuring that each and every review hosted on our site is truthful. In order to fulfill our commitment, we recognize the need to create an environment that is conducive to the fulfillment of our goals. We reserve our right to put in place rules and regulations that impact each user of the website, and to govern these rules accordingly. All reviews that appear on our website remain the views of the author of that review. We do not endorse the views or opinions expressed in any of our reviews.

For Users Of Our Website

If you choose to use our website to host a review of a product or service that you have direct experience of, then you consent to following the rules and regulations put in place by us that govern acceptablele behavior on the site. We have a policy that all reviews that are hosted on our website are real, truthful and reliable reviews of real products that have been used by real people. Each review should be a complete review. We will not tolerate any form of omission or alteration of the facts in order to change the tone or character of the review of a product or service. We will not tolerate any form of abuse on our website. Abuse may be considered threatening or foul language, intolerance to other viewpoints, race or religion or the deliberate publishing of any data that may reveal the true identity or location of any user of the site. In order to ensure that our website remains a trustworthy and safe environment for all, we reserve the right to approach any user and ask for identifying information about themselves and proof that they have first hand experience of the product or service that they have reviewed. This proof may be in the form of pictures, receipts or any other verification that we may deem necessary to ensure that you have indeed purchased the product or service that you have reviewed. Further, we do not host any form of unauthorized advertising on our website. As such, we do not allow any unnecessary HTML in any post, or any form of clickable content that may subsequently encourage users to click away from our site. Any author who is found to be including such material in their reviews will be blocked from using the site immediately.

For Businesses

We reserve the right to publish independent reviews of any product, service or business on our website. We cannot be held responsible for any review that is hosted on our website, although we do maintain a program of constant monitoring to ensure the reliability and trustworthiness of all material that we host. If you wish to contact us regarding anything contained on our website then please do so using the contact information provided. Any review that is found to be in breach of our guidelines will be removed, may be subject to review and may be subsequently re-hosted. However, any review that has been the subject of any kind of mediation will be marked in a manner of our choosing so as to maintain the fairness and transparency of our website.

Our Monitoring Procedure

So that we can ensure the safety and trustworthiness of our website, we will at all times monitor all activity that occurs on it. This will include, but not be restricted to, the direct monitoring of each review that is hosted on our site. Any review that is found to be in breach of our regulations will be immediately removed and the author will be notified. The review will not be re-hosted again unless further evidence comes to light which may change the decision. Similarly, data is logged that records numbers of reviews from any one author, and unusual activity associated with any account may result in that account and/or IP being blocked. We collect some basic information about you and your computer when you use our website. We monitor IP addresses of all users in order to ensure our commitment to transparency. Any user who is found to be abusing our system will have their IP address logged and may be blocked from accessing our servers.

GDPR and ePR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the ePrivacy Regulation (ePR) are a framework of rules that exist to formally regulate online content and preserve user privacy. We are bound by law and committed to honoring our obligations to these regulations.

Cookies and Google

Like many websites, we use cookies in order to monitor and improve our performance. Cookies allow us to store information about the way you use our site in a small file that is held on your computer. You can control the way your browser stores and handles cookies, and you can delete cookies from your computer at any time. We may also use analytic tools provided by, but not limited to Google PLC. Information may be collected by Google when you access our site. We do not and cannot control the way Google transmits or uses this information.

Your Rights

Your rights are enshrined in law. The way in which you interact with this website is still governed by all applicable laws in the country in which you reside and which govern us. You can ask for deletion of any data held by us about you at any time.