From Studio to Home: Quality AV Mounts for All

Mounting a TV to the wall can be convenient for living spaces. Additionally, having the TV up on the wall can help improve the look of a tidy living room. Nowadays, people can use AV mounts to mount their TVs, monitors, or speakers to not only save space but also minimize vibration that gets transmitted when using basic TV wall mounts. In this guide, we discuss the benefits of AV wall mounts and how consumers can save on deals for them.

What is an AV TV Mount?

An Anti-Vibration mount is a TV Mount that absorbs noise and vibration from heavy sound equipment such as TVs or speakers to help reduce damage to these devices. These mounts tend to be more affordable than regular mounts and are also effective for a range of uses. Consumers can typically purchase AV TV mounts from online retailers.

How Does an AV Mount Transfer Your Living Space?

Consumers are not limited to just hanging a TV in their living room anymore. Instead, they can now leave space underneath their AV bracket mounts for a TV cabinet to store their sound bars, game consoles, or decor. AV mounts can be used in various spaces, such as offices, studios, living spaces, and outdoor spaces. Furthermore, consumers can hang their own mounts instead of relying on a specialist to hang them for them.

Different Types of AV Mounts to Suit Certain Budgets

There are different types of AV mounts to choose from for specific personal needs and budgets. Firstly, flat TV mounts are hung close to the wall to help clear up as much space by looking like a painting hung on the wall. Furthermore, adjustable AV mounts offer shoppers a solution for using their TV in different spots around their homes including their kitchen or dining room. These mounts accomplish this by having the ability to turn or tilt the screen all the way from the TV’s location towards them. Moreover, tilting AV mounts lets people move TVs down without using any tools and offers a tidy design to keep a smooth wall appearance.

Each of these AV mounts is typically priced at different points due to their varying designs. Flat AV mounts go from €24.99 to €899.99. In addition, adjustable AV mounts range between €189.99 to €899.00 on average. Furthermore, tilting AV mounts can cost anything from €54.99, depending on the style chosen. These prices are meant to suit different budgets, so these mounts are accessible to anyone, whether it's in their home or office space. Those looking to get an even greater deal on these mounts can do so by looking at Black Friday deals.

Reading Client Reviews for AV Mounts

Before you embark on your AV mount journey, here's a golden nugget of advice: read client reviews. These real-life experiences are your compass in the vast sea of options. Are users raving about the sleek design of a flat AV mount, or are there concerns about the functionality of an adjustable one? Client reviews provide the insights you need to make an informed decision tailored to your needs, ensuring your TV hangs securely and stylishly.

Tips for Finding Discounts on AV Mounts

After exploring the different types of AV mounts, let’s talk about how to get a good deal on them. There are a few ways of getting discounts on AV mounts which may include discount codes, cashback offers, and using Black Friday deals. Many online companies let people buy steady and reliable AV mounts and one of them is Vogels, which offers wall mounts for TVs and monitors along with stand supports for TVs, speakers, and tablets. Beyond the frenzy of Black Friday, opportunities abound throughout the year, from Cyber Monday tech promotions to festive holiday specials and back-to-school deals. Retailer-specific promotions and anniversary sales further enrich this landscape, presenting continuous chances for savvy shoppers to score exclusive discounts.


Having an AV mount can offer a clear and tidy space by lifting the TV onto the wall. In addition, these TV mounts can be easily adjusted to get a clear view and better viewing angles without straining the neck in case the original TV height is too low. However, it can be tricky to find one for your space at a reasonable price. Therefore, using discounts and Black Friday deals will surely help in saving money. With many brands offering deals this time of the year, homeowners and business owners will be able to find a good discount on quality AV mounts for their space.

But before you dive into the world of AV mounts, consider the valuable insights waiting for you in client reviews. These firsthand experiences are like a backstage pass to the performance of each mount. Are users praising the sturdiness of a tilting AV mount, or are there concerns about the ease of installation? Client reviews provide the nuances that specs can't capture, guiding you toward the perfect choice for your space.

By Beata