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Review of GoodTrust: Simplifying Estate Planning for All Australians

GoodTrust is an innovative online platform that aims to simplify the often complex and intimidating process of estate planning. With their user-friendly interface, extensive suite of tools, and commitment to affordability and accessibility, GoodTrust is revolutionizing the way Australians approach planning for their future. Whether you need to create a last will and testament, establish a revocable living trust, or organize your digital assets, GoodTrust has you covered.

Simplicity and Convenience

Estate planning can be daunting, but GoodTrust makes it surprisingly easy. Their fill-in-the-blank document templates guide you through each step of the process, ensuring that you cover all the necessary details to protect your family, assets, and last wishes. Plus, you can tackle the planning at your own pace, taking breaks whenever you need. With an average completion time of just 20 minutes, you'll have peace of mind in no time.

"The most successful people I know put themselves first in line for their own care - because without good care, do you really think you'll be of value to others?" - Oprah Winfrey

A Comprehensive Suite of Tools

GoodTrust offers a full estate-planning suite of tools, making it a one-stop shop for all your planning needs. Whether you're looking to create a last will and testament, establish a revocable living trust, draft a financial power of attorney or advance health care directive, or even plan your funeral or care for your four-legged friends, GoodTrust has you covered. You'll have everything you need to protect your family, assets, and last wishes, all in one convenient place.

Unlimited Will, Trust, and Directives

With GoodTrust, there's no need to worry about additional fees or restrictions. Each individual can create their own plan within the family account, ensuring that everyone's needs and wishes are accounted for. Whether you're planning for yourself, your spouse, or your children, GoodTrust offers unlimited wills, trusts, and directives, all valid in all 50 states. It's never been easier to create a comprehensive estate plan for your entire family.

The Smart Digital Vault

In our digital age, it's essential to consider and organize your digital life and legacy. GoodTrust's Smart Digital Vault allows you to easily store and organize your online accounts, essential documents, and important information. You have full control over your digital assets and can choose who has access to them. Whether you want to share your digital assets with your family now or only if something happens to you, GoodTrust provides a secure and convenient solution.

The Best Value on the Market

GoodTrust believes that estate planning should be affordable and accessible to all Australians. With their comprehensive suite of tools and unlimited plans, GoodTrust offers exceptional value for your money. For just $149, you'll have access to everything you need to protect your family and assets. Compared to the cost of hiring an attorney, GoodTrust provides an affordable alternative that doesn't compromise on quality or convenience.

Expertise and Reliability

When it comes to estate planning, you want to ensure that you're in good hands. GoodTrust understands the importance of accuracy and reliability, which is why all their documents are crafted by leading estate-planning attorneys with decades of experience. Their commitment to quality and attention to detail ensure that your estate plan will stand up to legal scrutiny and provide true peace of mind for you and your family's future.

Customer Support

GoodTrust's commitment to their customers extends beyond their user-friendly platform. Their dedicated support team is available to assist you with any questions or concerns you may have throughout the estate planning process. Whether you're unsure how to move forward, need clarification on a particular step, or simply want to make the process more enjoyable and meaningful, GoodTrust's support team is there to help. No question is too big or too minor, so you can rest assured knowing that you're in good hands.

Inclusive and Empowering

GoodTrust believes that estate planning should be for everyone, regardless of wealth or background. They strive to make estate planning accessible, affordable, and adaptable by offering their products and services at a fair-market price. GoodTrust also works with partners to identify marginalized communities who may have previously thought that estate planning was out of reach, empowering them to take action. Through their online tools and resources, GoodTrust helps bridge the gap between our physical world and our digital one, ensuring that everyone has the opportunity to protect their family and assets.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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