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Polynesian Cultural Center

Discover the Vibrant Polynesian Culture at Polynesian Cultural Center

Are you ready for an adventure filled with rich cultural experiences, delicious food, and breathtaking performances? Look no further than the Polynesian Cultural Center. Located in the beautiful island of Lāʻie, Hawaiʻi, this center is a must-visit destination for anyone looking to immerse themselves in the vibrant Polynesian culture.

Step into Authentic Polynesian Villages

At Polynesian Cultural Center, you have the opportunity to explore authentic Polynesian villages, each representing a different island culture. Wander through 42 acres of tropical splendor and interact with natives from six Pacific cultures as they demonstrate their arts, crafts, and traditions. From Tonga to Tahiti, you'll get a taste of the unique traditions and practices that make each culture so special.

Whether you're interested in learning how to weave your own bowls from coconut leaves or trying your hand at traditional Polynesian games, there's something for everyone at the Polynesian Cultural Center. Immerse yourself in the hands-on activities and let the spirit of the islands guide you.

Indulge in a Royal Feast at the Lūʻau

No visit to the Polynesian Cultural Center is complete without experiencing a traditional Polynesian lūʻau. Feast like royalty as you enjoy a delicious array of island and mainland dishes, carefully crafted to showcase the flavors of Polynesia. From kalua pig cooked in an imu (an underground oven) to tasty taro rolls, your taste buds are in for a treat.

As you savor your meal, be prepared to be entertained by authentic island performers hailing from various Polynesian cultures. From mesmerizing hula dances to captivating fire knife performances, the talent and passion of the performers will leave you in awe. The combination of great food and incredible entertainment makes the Polynesian Cultural Center's lūʻau an unforgettable experience.

"As far as a legit experience this could not be better. From weaving your own bowls from coconut leaves to the authenticity of the cooking, this is truly an experience I would encourage any visitor to Oahu to book. 100% worth every penny. Thanks!" - Mitch, Meteghan, Canada

Experience the Power of HĀ: Breath of Life

After a day of exploring the villages and indulging in a delicious lūʻau, prepare to be mesmerized by the Polynesian Cultural Center's evening show, HĀ: Breath of Life. This action-packed story of passion, ignited by fire, song, and dance, features over 100 Polynesian performers from across the Pacific.

As you watch the show unfold, you'll be taken on a journey through the Polynesian mythology and legends. The incredible choreography, stunning costumes, and powerful performances will leave you captivated and inspired. It's a theatrical experience unlike any other, and a perfect way to end your day at the Polynesian Cultural Center.

"The Ambassador package was by far the way to go. We arrived at each village about 5–10 minutes before each of their performances and got excellent seats. Our

Reviews, experiences and complaints

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