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Images Generator

Distinctive Features

Images Generator is an innovative application that brings together the best qualities of graphic editors and automatic design software. It offers a wide range of features that allow users to create stunning images, including diagrams and collages. One of the standout features of Images Generator is its vector brushes and trajectories, which enable users to create multicolor lines of variable width that add depth and dimension to their designs.

Powerful Image Editing Tools

While Images Generator is primarily focused on image creation, it also offers a comprehensive set of 2D graphic tools for photo processing. With over 150 graphic filters and converters, users can easily enhance their photos and remove imperfections. The program also includes powerful methods for removing scratches, spots, and other image defects, making it a valuable tool for the textile and paper industry.

"Every artist dips his brush in his own soul, and paints his own nature into his pictures." - Henry Ward Beecher

Web Graphics and Engineering

Web designers will find Images Generator to be a convenient tool for creating web graphics. The program allows users to effortlessly create frameworks, buttons, icons, banners, animations, and other elements that are commonly used in web design. Additionally, Images Generator supports the creation of three-dimensional images that are perfect for engineering and mathematical modelling. The program utilizes a unique method for transforming raster images, which can even be used to create stunning portraits based on digital photos.

Automatic Design and Plottings

Images Generator is not just for web designers and artists - it also offers functionality for systems of automatic design and plotting. The program allows users to obtain complex lines that can be seamlessly integrated into automatic design systems. It is also compatible with AutoCAD and other similar software, making it a versatile tool for professionals in various industries. Additionally, Images Generator provides a convenient way of combining different components, such as electrical symbols, hieroglyphs, and pictures, to create unique and visually stunning images for a wide range of purposes.

Affordable and User-Friendly

With its small size, simplicity, and convenience of use, Images Generator is a valuable addition to any designer's toolkit. It offers an extensive range of features and tools that rival more expensive graphic editors on the market. Whether you're a professional designer or an ordinary user, Images Generator provides an affordable solution for all your image creation and editing needs. The program is also backed by a supportive community forum and video tutorials, ensuring that users have access to the resources they need to make the most out of the software.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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