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MEL Science

The Future of Science Education is Here

MEL Science is revolutionizing the way children learn about science with their innovative subscription service that combines hands-on experiments with digital experiences. With over 100 hands-on science kits and 50+ unique digital experiences, MEL Science offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to science education for children of all ages.

Loved by Parents and Children Alike

Parents and children alike are raving about MEL Science. According to Madison Gregory, a satisfied parent, "Their kits are fun, engaging, and my son can do it by himself with minimal help from me!" Gabrielle Swasey also praised the quality of the equipment and the educational value of the experiments, saying "From the quality of the equipment to the ease of use to the fun and educating experiments, MEL Science has been top notch." Michael Dinerstein echoed these sentiments, stating "These science kits are awesome! Easy/fun experiments for the kids with easy-to-digest step-by-step instructions and quick results."

Hands-On Science Kits

MEL Science offers a wide range of hands-on science kits that allow children to conduct experiments and discover the wonders of science right in their own homes. From creating models of everyday devices to exploring the world of chemistry, there is a kit for every young scientist. Each kit comes with detailed, visual step-by-step instructions, ensuring that children can easily follow along and achieve successful results. All of the kits have been tested with kids and comply with safety standards, making them suitable for home use.

Digital Experiences

In addition to the hands-on kits, MEL Science provides digital experiences that enhance children's learning and engagement. With an interactive mobile app, virtual reality experiences, and augmented reality lessons, children can immerse themselves in the world of science like never before. The app provides video guides that lead children through the experiments and make the process even more interactive and engaging. The virtual and augmented reality experiences allow children to explore STEM kits in more depth, making learning fun and exciting.

Quotes from Experts

MEL Science has received recognition from experts in the field of education and chemistry. The Royal Society of Chemistry has praised MEL Science as "one of the most exciting and ambitious home-chemistry educational projects" they've seen. The American Chemical Society has also commended MEL Science, stating that their apps "should distract kids from game consoles." These endorsements from respected organizations highlight the quality and educational value of MEL Science's products.

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Subscription Options and FAQ

MEL Science offers a flexible subscription model, with prices starting at $29.90/month. Subscribers can choose subjects based on their children's age and interests. It is also possible to add additional kits to the subscription, perfect for families with multiple children or those who want to further enhance their child's learning. Pausing or canceling the subscription is easy, and payment can be made with Visa, Mastercard, or American Express. MEL Science also offers the option to gift a subscription to someone else, making it a great gift idea for young science enthusiasts.

Here are some FAQs regarding MEL Science:

  • Is it safe? Yes, all the hands-on projects are tested and certified as child-friendly and safe for home use.
  • Can I buy projects separately? Currently, this option is not available, but MEL Science hopes to introduce it in the future.
  • Can I cancel/pause my subscription? Yes, you can easily cancel or pause your subscription with just one click in the My Account tab.
  • Can schools subscribe? Yes, schools can contact MEL Science's customer support service to discuss introducing their products to classrooms.


MEL Science is revolutionizing science education with their hands-on kits and digital experiences. Their subscription service offers a comprehensive and engaging approach to learning for children of all ages. Parents and children love the fun, educational experiments, and the quality of the equipment. With recognition from experts in the field, MEL Science's products are highly regarded for their educational value. Whether you want to inspire a love of science in your child or supplement their school curriculum, MEL Science is the perfect solution.

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Reviews, experiences and complaints

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