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Introduction to Positive Grid

Positive Grid is a company that is revolutionizing the world of guitar technology. With their innovative products and cutting-edge software, they are changing the way guitarists practice, play, and record. From their acclaimed Spark amplifiers to their powerful BIAS FX 2 software, Positive Grid is leading the way in creating new and exciting tools for guitarists of all levels.

Spark Amps: The Future of Guitar

One of the standout products from Positive Grid is their line of Spark amplifiers. These amps are not your typical guitar amp - they are a powerful combination of advanced machine learning technology and easy-to-play fun. With Spark amps, you can go beyond the traditional guitar amp and Bluetooth speaker and unlock a world of possibilities.

Whether you're a beginner looking to learn your favorite songs, an intermediate player wanting to improve your skills, or a professional guitarist needing a versatile practice and recording solution, Spark amps have got you covered. These amps are made to play, jam, and record like never before.

"The hype is real. Spark is an incredible practice and recording amp." - Famous Guitarist

BIAS FX 2: The Ultimate Virtual Guitar Rig

In addition to their groundbreaking amps, Positive Grid offers BIAS FX 2, the ultimate virtual guitar rig. This software provides guitarists with an insanely comprehensive collection of guitar effects, stunning advanced modelers, and precision guitar emulation. With BIAS FX 2, you have unimaginable studio and performance power right at your fingertips.

What sets BIAS FX 2 apart is its deep integration with Positive Grid's BIAS Tone Engine and the ever-expanding ToneCloud community. With thousands of tones to choose from, ranging from classic to out-of-this-world, you can hone in on the perfect tone for any style of music. Pair BIAS FX 2 with Positive Grid's RIFF audio interface, and you have everything you need for playing, recording, and practicing guitar.

"A comprehensively featured, highly accurate amplifier and effects modeling package with a great sound and an attractive and intuitive user interface." - Bob Thomas, Guitar Enthusiast

Unleash Your Creativity with Positive Grid

With their innovative products and software, Positive Grid empowers guitarists to push boundaries and play smarter. Whether you're a bedroom guitarist, a gigging musician, or a studio producer, Positive Grid has the tools you need to take your playing to the next level.

Not only do their products deliver exceptional sound quality and versatility, but Positive Grid also fosters a vibrant and inclusive community. They collaborate with renowned artists, such as Zakk Wylde and Paul Gilbert, to create signature editions of their products and provide inspiration to aspiring guitarists.

Conclusion: Positive Grid is the Future of Guitar Technology

If you're looking to elevate your guitar playing, Positive Grid is the company to turn to. Their innovative products, such as Spark amps and BIAS FX 2, are pushing the boundaries of what is possible in the world of guitar technology. With their advanced features, exceptional sound quality, and user-friendly interfaces, Positive Grid is leading the way in creating tools that inspire and empower guitarists.

Experience the future of guitar technology with Positive Grid and unlock a world of possibilities for your playing, recording, and creative journey.

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